Our Lighting Design Philosophy
Our Lighting Design Philosophy
All architecture demands great lighting design. At Designed Illumination we comprehend the architecture, the interior design and their vital relationship to lighting design. Today we are challenged with unique changing lifestyles, economy, energy codes and challenging budget demands. These elements require a professional lighting designer that brings value and integrity. Lighting is not something you add on to architecture: professional lighting design is an indispensable member of the design. Great architecture and interior design, poorly illuminated, is incomplete.
I am an artist, a lighting designer who paints with illumination. The different light sources are my pallet of paints. The different light fixtures  are the brushes that I use to apply the illumination. Grazing, wall washing, up lighting, indirect and backlighting are some of the many technics I use. Without the artistic creativity and knowledge of a master lighting designer, your results may resemble less than you or your project deserves - much like a child finger painting.
Providing the finest lighting design for your project is our highest goal. We are not here to sell you light fixtures or talk you into something we want to sell you. That is not how we work. Our goal is to provide our clients with a value driven lighting design. Our experience and knowledge assure a higher quality of lighting design that is a balance of aesthetics, value and efficiency (Green); design solutions that are inspired by your passions and acknowledge your distinct individuality and lifestyle.

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