Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I use Designed Illumination? Cannot my Architect or Electrical contractor create a lighting design?

I specialize in Professional Lighting Design, creating fabulous lighting designs focusing on your desires and the new technologies that are available.  Your architect has so many areas of the project to deal with, wouldn't you rather have an artistic expert create you're lighting design and lighting controls?  I create drawings that are complete and biddable with three name specifications for the lighting fixtures. That way you get the best price and value for your dollar.

Why should I use Designed Illumination to design the electrical for my home?

By creating complete electrical drawings, your general contractor can get a bid from three or more electrical contractors. This allows you to take advantage of our current market creating competition and reduce change orders during construction. The drawings are complete and you will have a record set of the lighting and electrical plans for your home. The money you will save through bidding and the value this adds to your home is substantial. I don't sell lighting fixtures or lighting control systems. So my design is not based on how I can get into your checkbook by what I specify. I design with value and integrity. I don't provide or try to make money buy selling you fixtures, lighting controls or electrical items. To me that is not a professional lighting designer.

What makes Designed Illumination different from all the others?

Over 42 years of design experience and a close eye on the market and LED lighting. I understand architecture and interior design and love to work with talented artists. David M. Schad will provide your design, not a Jr. Designer. He will follow your project from start to finish.  Providing three name specifications for the lighting fixtures and lighting control systems that will save you significant dollars. The ability to provide lighting design, lighting control design and electrical design under one roof provides coordination with the design team.  I limit my projects to maintain quality. I will not compromise my integrity and will turn projects down rather than not having the time to give your project my full attention.

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